Why choose The English Language List?

Because English Homestay is cheaper than staying in a hotel AND you get to improve your English!

You can make direct contact with any of our tutors.  We are the only English language service where you can do this.  It is important for you to have a good relationship with your tutor.  This way you will make more progress and have a better homestay experience. With The English Language List, you can find a tutor to suit your ability, personality, interests, location and budget. Alternatively ask us to recommend a tutor for you.

We offer the best value for English homestay

Our mission is to improve the learning experience for adult students of English and those that teach them by delivering better value, more choice and greater flexibility.  Through the English Language List website students can make direct contact with each other and arrange homestay live-in learning.


The English Language list offers flexibility, you can choose which day to arrive and exactly how many days you would like to stay.  With other homestay providers you must arrive on particular day, and can only do homestay in multiples of a week. We offer short courses which may be more preferable.

One-to-one teaching

One-to-one tuition is extremely effective.  Your tutor can focus 100% on what you need. With our homestay live-in learning you will use your English in a variety of situations.  This will improve your skill and confidence.

Choice of course

You decide how intensive your English course should be.  We offer 2 hours, 3 hours or 4 hours tuition per day.  You can choose from academic, business, conversation, general or technical/specialist English.

Lowest fee – best value – transparent pricing

The English Language List fee is only 15% of the total cost of the course.  This is much lower than the industry average, where students can be charged about twice the amount that the tutors are paid.

Experienced and qualified tutors

All tutors on The English Language List are qualified to teach English as a foreign language.  Their qualifications are listed on their profiles.

What do our students say about homestay live-in learning?

Read what students say about homestay live-in learning, and tutors’ testimonials about The English Language List.  You can also read what students say about their tutor on each tutor’s “REVIEWS” tab.

The Language List is for students that are 18 and over.