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Italian student Laura

Laura, Italy – student

The family was so funny and friendly so I immediately felt at home. Erica, during the days we spent together, took mental notes of my mistakes so she was able to see exactly where my knowledge lacked. Erica was the perfect tutor for me.

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Dmitri, Ukraine – student

“…I was plunged into the English environment, sometimes I even thought in English.…” 

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Dmitri, a ukranian student, staying in Lewes, learning English

Tutor – Rod Murdison

The Language List platform allows me to offer homestay tutoring without being obliged to offer the dates, times and excursions demanded as standard by the agencies and at a price that suits me.

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Tutor – Tandy Cuffley

“…Both the student and teacher are in control of the process, and the middleman is not taking a big cut!….By getting to know the student I can plan lessons designed to meet their exact needs and work at their pace…” 

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Sabine's photo

Sabine, Germany – student

At the end of the stay I was dreaming in English. I would recommend learning in this way to everybody.

Tutor – Erica Clarke

“…a homestay can be a holiday as much as a learning experience and it is wonderful value. Not only do students have full board but they also have a companion who can show them the best places to go and things to do.…” 

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Paula and Meg at home

Paula, Chile – student

I learnt much more than only english – I learnt about life in England, food, culture and people.

Tutor – David Lillie

“..both the student and I can put our best efforts into working on specific issues and to practising skills in English in an intensive way. It’s rewarding for both of us and it means working in a relaxed and dedicated way.”

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Lucie, France – student

I had a lot of fun discovering news places, habits and people I kept in contact with, but I also improved my English at speaking and writing.

Eduardo, Italy – student

The tuition was very clear and focused on my missing knowledge. I’ve learned some new words and my speaking has became more fluent and confident.