British humour and the Royal Family

The Queen and the Royal Family are a great asset to the UK. That does not mean that all British people are monarchists. (A monarchist is someone who supports and believes in government by a king or queen).

It’s likely that many people, even if they don’t support the monarchy, would say that the Queen does a good job. She also has a sense of humour! (meaning she likes funny things).

In 2012, the Olympic Games were held in London. In the opening ceremony the queen skydived into the stadium! Watch it here. James Bond goes to Buckingham Palace to collect her and they go off in a helicopter. It is very funny.

Queen jumps

Other examples of humour (fun) related to the Royal Family include a knitted version of the Royal Wedding. Watch it here on you tube. It shows the ceremony and then members of the Royal Family at the disco afterwards. They are “letting their hair down” (which means relaxing)!

If you can knit, and want to knit your own characters from the wedding ceremony, you can even buy the book!

There are also spoof twitter accounts for various members of the Royal Family. (A spoof means a funny version of something).


The Queen’s spoof twitter account has over 1.3 million followers


The Prince Charles account has over 425 thousand followers


The Duchess of Cornwall has 20 thousand

If your country has a Royal Family, do people gently and affectionately make fun of them? We at The Language List would love to know. Visit our facebook page and add your comments

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