Dmitriy – review


Hello! I’m Dmitriy from Ukraine. I visited Clarke family in April 2014. More hospitable and friendly people I have not seen before.  To be honest, the first two days was a little bit stressful because I was trying to break down the language barrier and adjust my ear to gain a better understanding.

Erica taught me 25 hours a week. I’d like to say that is quite a lot. We worked on grammar, vocabulary, comprehension and fluency. After lessons we communicated with her friends thus I strengthened my knowledge which I’ve just obtained. I was plunged into the English environment, sometimes I even thought in English. Erica is a wonderful professional. I visited a lot of English courses where native speakers was in charge, you know but better teacher then Erica I haven’t met before. I spent only 2 weeks in Lewes with Clarke family but I feel that I know them for ages. Now Erica is my friend and I’m looking forward to meet her so she could test my knowledge of irregular verbs again.

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