Are you ready to fulfil your dream?

Have you always wanted to improve your English?  Have you now got the time and money to dedicate to it?  Maybe there is a special reason why you want to speak English – perhaps your family now includes English speakers?  Do you have a feeling that one day you might be blessed with English speaking grandchildren?

Maybe you have always wanted to travel, and see English as your passport to many places in the world?  Maybe you simply love the British culture, food and countryside and want a companion to take you to the best places show you to the best of British hospitality.

You can “have your cake and eat it too” with an English homestay! Staying in your tutor’s home, means you don’t have to worry about eating out alone or not having company in the evenings. You could think of your English homestay as more of a holiday, with English study as an extra.

Many tutors keep in touch with their homestay students for many years after their stay.

Our web platform could be described as the AirBnB or Uber approach to organising an English homestay.


Our tutors have very detailed profile pages, with lots of information, a video and photo gallery.
You can choose from the full list of tutors, and make direct contact with them before you make a booking enquiry.


Tutors can be filtered by:

  • The type of accommodation
  • The facilities, eg en suite bathroom / double bed / own cooking facilities
  • Dietary requirements the tutor can cater for
  • The tutor’s hobbies and interests
  • Location
  • If tutor has pets or not
  • Whether the tutor allows smoking
  • The tutor’s religion

Transparent pricing

Our tutors set their own accommodation costs and hourly tuition rate. When booked through TLL the same tutors can be much cheaper for you, yet they still earn more than if you book them through one of our competitors. Our competitors usually pay the tutor half of what your homestay costs you.

Our fee is only 15% of the total cost of your homestay.
The cost of your homestay = (number of nights’ accommodation x number hours/day) x 15%.

When you fill out a booking enquiry, make sure you say how many hours of tuition you want per day.

In the example to the right, the cost indicated is for 7 full days accommodation, with 3 hours teaching per day.  (For information, other homestay agencies would cost from £1080 – £2018 for this particular tutor (who is based in London) although the options are not strictly comparable, as you would get an extra night’s accommodation with The Language List booking).



We have tutors in London, Brighton, Hastings and many other great locations.