What are the review / feedback guidelines?

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We want to know if your homestay experience was good or not. We ask you to comment on this after your stay. This is known as “leaving feedback”. Your feedback is very important to The Language List. It is an important part of building trust.

Your feedback comments will help other students decide whether your tutor will be good for them. Write what you thought about the teaching you got from your tutor. Say what it was like to stay with them. Was the food nice? Were other people in the house nice? Did you do interesting things? Did you have fun as well as learn English?

Only say things that are true. Do not say anything which is rude or offensive. We will not remove or change your feedback unless it is rude or offensive.

If your tutor behaved badly or there is anything bad or important that you think we should know about your tutor, it is very important that you tell us. Please contact us on problem@thelanguagelist.co.uk and we will arrange to speak to you about your experience.


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