Frequently asked Questions – for tutors

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The Language List is a platform where students of 18 years of age or older can choose a tutor and arrange their stay directly with that tutor.  As a tutor, you can set your own pricing, availability, minimum stay, maximum stay and the type of tuition you give.  This information, plus a description of you, your home and your location comprises your profile.

Your profile must also contain photos and you can have a video.  In posting a profile and using the language list, you are agreeing to our Terms and Conditions.

Getting started: registration and tutor profile

What is required on registration?

Registration is the process of getting your tutor profile up on The Language List.  You fill in a form and submit your photographs and verification of your qualifications and certificates and once we’ve checked all is in order you will be able to go live.  By submitting a profile you are agreeing to The Language List’s Terms and Conditions.

What about having a video of myself?

Videos are not compulsory, however we encourage videos of tutors, as these can really help students make their minds up about whether individual tutors are right for them.  Contact us for the price of a professionally recorded and edited video (as this will vary depending on your location).  We also provide a DIY service, where we post recording equipment and instructions to you and you return it to us for editing.  It is very simple to use.  This costs [£200].  You are not required to pay for your video up front, instead the fee is taken from your first booking(s).  If you leave the Language List before the video is paid for you would [not] be required to make up the shortfall.

How long will it take me to register?

You can take as long as you like to fill in your tutor profile form, but we aim to verify you within 3 days of receiving your complete submission (i.e. including all required verifications and references).

Do I have to pay to register?

You don’t pay to register, but you do have to pay a listing fee of £150 will be taken from your first booking fee.

Does it matter if I teach elsewhere?

No, although you must make sure that you mark the times you are not available due to your other teaching commitments on your calendar.

How do I get help to get started?

If you have difficulty in filling in your profile, you can contact customer support via

Your Account

What is my account?

Your account is where your tutor profile information, contact details, calendar, communications and bank details are held.  You have access to this at all times.  You can have an account even if your listing as a tutor is not live.

How can I cancel my account?

You can request to de-list at any time, although you must honour the bookings you have already accepted or cancel them.  If you cancel them, you may incur a cancellation fee, depending on the reason for your cancellation.  See the Terms and Conditions – cancellations.

Your bookings

What happens if a student wants to book with me?

You will receive a booking request via email.  This will give you basic information about the student along with their covering message, setting out what they are looking for.  This message may contain questions.  Based on this information you can decide whether to accept the booking request, in which case the student can confirm the booking on payment of the full sum.  Alternatively, you may choose to refuse the student.  More usually you will enter into a dialogue, possibly culminating in a skype call, to further assess suitability and answer any student questions.

Can I make changes to a confirmed booking?

If you wish to make a change to a booking, and this has been agreed with your student, contact us at  setting out what needs changing.

What is the cancellation policy?

If you want to cancel a booking prior to the student arriving, you must tell us immediately.  You should also contact your student to apologize.  If your cancellation was made without good reason, you will face a charge of £100 , which will be taken from your next booking.  We will attempt to find an alternative tutor for your student.

If you cancel a booking after your student has arrived, without good reason, you will face a charge of £400 taken from your next booking.

If you have good reason to cancel, we may be able to waive the cancellation charge.  These would include a death or serious illness, natural disaster or your accommodation becoming unavailable due to property damage.

If your student cancels at any time before one week of their arrival date, they receive a 50% refund, minus bank charges and booking fees.  You will receive 50% of the cost of their stay.  If the student cancels less than one week before their arrival date they receive no refund.  You receive the full amount you were expecting.

Am I allowed to decline booking requests?

Yes. If you feel a student is not suitable for you, you can decline their booking request.

Can I call or email a student before booking?

Yes.  You are encouraged to have contact with the student to establish their suitability and answer any questions they have, prior to accepting their booking.

How much time do I have to respond to a booking request?

You have an indefinite time to respond.  However you are strongly advised to respond swiftly, as this will reassure the student that you are a good communicator and lessen their chances of looking at alternative tutors.

Can tutors ask students to sign a contract?

No.  By using The Language List both you and the student have agreed to the Terms and Conditions.

Payment and Bookings

Do students have to pay when they make a booking?

Yes.  After you accept a booking request from a student, the booking is only confirmed when the student pays in full.


What if students want to book a return visit? Do they have to book through The Language List?

We encourage this.  It will be extremely good for your profile if your students want to return.

Helping your student get to you and advice on what they should bring

You must make sure that your student has all the advice they need about getting to your home.  For example, you may agree to pick them up from the airport or nearest train station.  If you charge for this service, tell the student in advance.


Does The Language List require that I use any particular teaching materials?

No.  You are responsible for your teaching resources.  If you like to use textbooks, and expect your student to purchase one, make sure the student knows this in advance.

Does The Language List require me to submit reports on my students’ progress?

You may very well want to keep records of student progress for your own purposes, but we not require you to provide us with information on student attainment or progress. Students will be keen to see evidence of how they have progressed, and we strongly advise you to document this in a way which can be shared with your student.

Does The Language List have any particular requirements on how I conduct tuition?

Yes.  We require that you have a dedicated room for tuition, which is available during tuition times for that purpose alone.

My student has paid for 20 hours tuition during a 1 week stay, who decides when this takes place?

We recommend that lessons are 1 hour in duration, and that you discuss timetabling with your student before, or soon after their arrival.  By timetabling we mean how the allocated tuition hours will be scheduled over the course of the student’s stay.

Do visits count as tuition time and who pays the cost of entrance fees etc?

No.  Tuition time is the time spent in the room dedicated for the purpose and carried out at the time you and your student have agreed.  The student is expected to pay for all entrance fees and travel costs for excursions (both yours and theirs).


What are the review / feedback guidelines are given to students?

We ask that students’ feedback is factual, fair and honest.  It should be written with the objective of assisting other students understand what they will be getting in terms of tuition, accommodation and other aspects of their stays. We are not responsible for anything written by your student, nor are we responsible for what you write.  We reserve the right to take down any comments by either students or tutors which are rude, offensive or otherwise inappropriate.  However we feel that having transparent feedback is a very important part of building trust and will always be reluctant to intervene unless we feel it is necessary.

Can I leave feedback about my students?

Yes.  Whilst it is less common for students to make repeat bookings for language tuition (in comparison with accommodation, for example) leaving feedback on your students will demonstrate your personality and give a good impression of your dedication as a homestay tutor.

In the unfortunate event that a stay has not been an entirely positive experience, the transparency of feedback and the ability of both sides to leave feedback, will be important in building trust in The Language List.

Can I remove or reply to a feedback from a student?

You can reply to feedback from a student and you can also leave feedback about your student.  As we believe feedback is an important part of building trust we not remove, censor, or edit reviews on principle. If you believe a review has breached our feedback guidelines, you can request that we remove it.  We will look at the review in question and we may take action if we feel it is appropriate.  We will inform you of the reason for our decision.

Trust and Safety

Trust and Safety – communications

Why should payments only through The Language List?

Payments from the student go through The Language List’s secure payment structure and are held and released to you, and you only, once the student’s stay has begun.

Paying outside The Language List may not be secure, and any request to do so should be refused.  To do so would be going against our Terms and Conditions. You should not use The Language List as a platform for marketing yourself as a tutor, but circumventing our fees.  We have invested to create and maintain this website, plus have ongoing marketing costs in advertising for students.  We are confident that tutors will appreciate this.  We will de-list tutors that encourage or accept business off-line.

How do I know if an email is really from The Language List?

All messages from The Language List will appear in your account.  We will send an email alerting you to when there is a message in your account.  Emails from us will not give any further information, and you should treat any messages purporting to be from The Language List as spam if they contain any other information.

How can I keep my account secure?

Tutors profiles are secure as these are managed by The Language List.


Trust and Safety – in the home

What can I do to make my space safer for students?

We require that you have a Gas Safety Certificate, if you are on gas.  We encourage you to fit smoke and carbon monoxide monitors and maintain them.  You should keep a First Aid kit in the house and provide your student with information about how they can keep themselves safe during their stay.

What is The Language List doing to help tutors make their homes safer for students?

We require to see Gas Safety Certificates and will temporarily suspend your listing if this is not up to date.  We encourage tutors to take out Public Liability Insurance and can provide a list of possible providers on request.

How does homeowners insurance work with The Language List?

If you have not already done so, you should inform your household contents and buildings insurers that you take residential language students.   This will not necessarily increase in premium, but could cover accidental damage done by your student to your home or its contents.


Trust and Safety – personal

Does The Language List screen students?

Students can make booking enquiries prior to fully registering with The Language List, however they can only confirm a booking once fully registered.   Full registration includes entering your payment details into your account.