Improving your employees’ English

Many employers realise that the most cost-effective and rapid way to improve their employees’ English is to send them on an English Homestay. Many companies have contracts with traditional providers of English homestay such as language schools which have a side-line in homestay, or dedicated English homestay agencies (which only offer homestays). Although we use the same tutors as these other agencies, homestays booked through The Language List are much more flexible, and often cheaper.

Our web platform could be described as the AirBnB or Uber approach to organising homestay. We allow tutors to specify their own accommodation costs and hourly tuition rate, and the same tutors can often be a great deal cheaper when booked through us than one of our competitors. With TLL bookings are made directly between adult learner and tutor.

Why immersive learning is better for your employees

Very occasionally an employer will need a particular (highly specialised) individual to learn English at great speed. Typically the employee will already have a fairly good grasp of the language, and will therefore make very rapid progress at the top of the learning triangle.


If you send an employee for an English Homestay, you know that they will not:

  • have to stay in a hotel if their flights do not coincide with the start date of a course
  • hear English spoken badly in a classroom situation
  • have to repeat things they already know
  • spend lots of time talking their native tongue
  • have to worry about finding accommodation or places to eat by themselves

instead they will:

  • be able to work on things like pronunciation, until it is perfect
  • work specifically on any areas of weakness
  • be totally immersed in English
  • have all their needs met by the tutor
  • be able to work on specialist vocabulary related to their work needs

Other things to note about booking homestays through The Language List

It is often significantly cheaper

The same tutor costs the student less when booked through The Language List, than when booked through other agencies. Here are tutors are compared with the cost of a higher cost agency (“Competitor A” – red squares on graph) and a lower cost agency (“Competitor B”).


It is much more flexible and with totally transparent pricing

Start dates and end dates can be chosen to coincide with your employees’ flights.

Our tutors set their own accommodation costs and hourly tuition rate. The cost is the same, whether this is for general English or specialist Business English.

When booked through TLL the same tutors can be much cheaper for your company, yet the tutors will still earn more than if they were booked through one of our competitors. Our competitors usually pay the tutor half of what they charge the client.

The TLL fee is only 15% of the total cost of the homestay.

Cost = (number of nights’ accommodation x number hours/day) x 15%.

State how many hours tuition is required on the booking enquiry.

  • 2 hours/day is comparable with the 15 hour/week standard offering from other providers.
  • 3 hours/day is the equivalent of a 20 hour/week course
  • 4 hours/day is the equivalent of a 30 hour/week course.

In the example to the right, the cost indicated is for 7 full days accommodation, with 3 hours teaching per day. (For information, other homestay agencies would cost from £1,080 – £2,018 for this particular tutor (who is based in London) although the options are not strictly comparable, as you would get an extra night’s accommodation with The Language List booking).


Our tutors’ locations

We have tutors in London, Brighton, Hastings and many other great locations.


Tutors can be filtered by:

  • The type of accommodation
  • The facilities, eg en suite bathroom / double bed / own cooking facilities
  • Dietary requirements the tutor can cater for
  • The tutor’s hobbies and interests
  • Location
  • If tutor has pets or not
  • Whether the tutor allows smoking
  • The tutor’s religion

If you would like to be sent a PowerPoint file with audio, describing in detail what TLL can offer you as an employer, please send a request to