Erica Clarke – a holiday as much as a learning experience


Teaching homestays has been a really rewarding experience for me and my family.  My friends also look forward to meeting my students.  I’ve kept in touch with most of my students, and some have visited us on subsequent trips to the UK.  

I’d say that the typical homestay student fits into one of three categories. Firstly, business people whose time is precious and who may want to focus on particular sets of vocabulary or skills to help them in their profession.  Secondly, students preparing to come and study in the UK.  Sometimes even after achieving the IELTS level they need they still might not feel 100% confident.  Often for these students it is the cultural understanding as much as English language they want to absorb.  Finally there are people for whom a homestay can be a holiday as much as a learning experience and it is wonderful value. Not only do students have full board but they also have a companion who can show them the best places to go and things to do.

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