Prepare yourself before coming to the UK as a post graduate student

Coming over to the UK and starting your new life as a student here could be more challenging than you are expecting.  You will want to be well-prepared. You may have already achieved the IELTS level you need in order to enter the university of your choice.  Maybe you are still preparing for an IELTS test, or you need to improve your score. If you have only ever studied English from non-native speakers, you may find it very hard to adjust when you arrive, as described in this blog about Chinese post graduate students.

Whatever your current IELTS level is, there is no doubt that improving your English will help you get more out of your time in the UK.  You will be able to devote more time to the content of your course, rather than language improvement.  You will also benefit more from your social life, as you will have more time and be able to communicate better.  You will learn more about British life and culture and feel more comfortable, the more familiar you are with it.

An English Homestay can help you with all of this.  It is the best way to improve your English, and many of our tutors can help you with IELTS preparation.  If you are from outside Europe, you may feel you want to become more familiar with the British lifestyle, in case you become homesick or experience culture shock.  This is a genuine phenomenon and you will find plenty of advice from universities if you search for it on google.

Our web platform could be described as the AirBnB approach to organising an English Homestay.  We allow tutors to specify their own accommodation costs and hourly tuition rate, and the same tutors can often be a great deal cheaper when booked through us than one of our competitors. With us bookings are made directly between student and tutor.

Our tutors can help with the vocabulary you will use in your University course

You (or your parents!) will have already made a great investment in your education, and it is very expensive to study at a British university.  Many of our tutors have helped students prepare, and some have had students staying with them for a significant length of time.  Those fortunate enough to benefit from this, have the comfort of staying in a family home and plenty of support with their studies, for example they can discuss their reading material with their homestay tutor.

Me with a student
Teaching Sharon from China

English Homestay versus classroom learning

  • You will not hear English spoken badly by non-native speakers
  • You will not have to repeat things they already know
  • You will not spend lots of time talking your native tongue

Advantages for post graduate students

  • You will be able to work on things like pronunciation, until it is perfect
  • You can work specifically on any areas of weakness
  • You will have all your needs met by the tutor
  • You will be able to work on the vocabulary you may find in your course

Other things to note about booking homestays through The Language List

It is  flexible and with totally transparent pricing

You can choose your own start dates and end dates.

Our tutors set their own accommodation costs and hourly tuition rate.  Our tutors are self-employed, and many also work for other agencies.  When booked through TLL these same tutors can be much cheaper.

The TLL fee is only 15% of the total cost of the homestay.

Cost = (number of nights’ accommodation x number hours/day) x 15%.

You choose how many hours tuition you want per day when making a booking enquiry.

  • 2 hours/day is comparable with the 15 hour /week standard offering from other providers.
  • 3 hours / day is the equivalent of a 20 hour/week course
  • 4 hours/day is the equivalent of a 30 hour/week  course.

In the example to the right, the cost indicated is for 7 full days accommodation, with 3 hours teaching per day.  (For information, other homestay agencies would cost from £1080 – £2018 for this particular tutor (who is based in London).


Tutors can be filtered by:

  • The type of accommodation
  • The facilities, eg en suite bathroom / double bed / own cooking facilities
  • Dietary requirements the tutor can cater for
  • The tutor’s hobbies and interests
  • Location
  • If tutor has pets or not
  • Whether the tutor allows smoking
  • The tutor’s religion

Our tutors’ locations

You can choose where to have your English Homestay.  We have tutors in London, Brighton, Hastings and many other great locations.