Rod Murdison – Why The Language List works for me

Like many homestay tutors, I work for a number of agencies. The Language List platform allows me to offer homestay tutoring without being obliged to offer the dates, times and excursions demanded as standard by the agencies and at a price that suits me.

The Language List is an exceptionally useful addition to my marketing.  Getting listed is very much like how I might put a room or a holiday home on AirBnB.  I can take my own photographs, write my own profile, decide when I am available and seek the type of students I most enjoy teaching.

Homestay students benefit from this flexibility too; they are not tied to arriving on any particular day of the week or only staying for multiples of one week.  Plus it can be cheaper for the student, as well as more lucrative for the tutor, as the Language List only takes a fee of 15%.  This is much lower than traditional schools and agencies.

Of course there is a little more work on my part – for example, communicating with the student directly, rather than being assigned a student by an agency – but it’s a small price to pay for the freedom and value The Language List offers.

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