Tandy Cuffley – Testimonial


I’ve had over 20 years’ experience of teaching in schools, language schools, one to one tuition  and doing homestay. For me the most rewarding experience has been one to one tuition, especially home stays. Over the years I have seen students make such rapid progress during their homestay. By getting to know the student I can plan lessons designed to meet their exact needs and work at their pace. As any good teacher would, I constantly assess the student’s learning but unlike in the classroom ,where there is a large group with mixed needs, I can quickly address the problem and so the student does not waste time making unchecked errors. The student has to use their English when living with us and this complete immersion means that the student does not use their native language  in their free time, but rather focuses on developing their English skills.  Vocabulary development is fast as there is so much incidental language that arises during discussion at mealtimes and through daily routines.

I feel that through working with the Language List students can make a well informed decision about who they choose as a teacher, which provides reassurance when they are planning to stay in someone else’s house. Both the student and teacher are in control of the process, and the middleman is not taking a big cut!

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